Integrity Beauty National Ambassadors

The National Ambassadors are spokeswomen of Integrity Beauty and have been chosen because of their outstanding efforts in the previous program years. They are dedicated members who have gone above and beyond to represent Integrity Beauty’s mission, vision, and purpose.

The National Ambassadors are from various walks of life. The National Ambassadors are spokeswomen who speak out about their testimony and advocate for what they desire to change in this world. Their experiences, beliefs and service they have for Jesus Christ are demonstrated through community events, virtual communications, conference calls, Blog Talk Radio and blogging on our national website.

National Ambassadors are required by Integrity Beauty to represent the organization following our mission, vision, and purpose. These spokeswomen display leadership qualities and are passionate about making a difference. They must attend a minimum of eight community events and write a blog on the National Website weekly and participate in Blog Talk Radio quarterly. They have a passion for ministry, advocacy, and motivational speaking. The National Ambassadors are required to mentor the members of the program. They must also be effective leaders and pray for others.

The National Ambassadors will be archived the following program year and some become lifetime ambassadors for the Integrity Beauty program. All members are part of an elite team of Christians who are passionate about Christ, making a difference, and helping the lost.

Integrity Beauty allows all members to shine through sharing their individuality and unique testimonies. National Ambassadors strongly believe in disclosure, accountability, and making a difference. This program is a tremendous way for a woman to have her voice heard and inspire others to use their testimonies to empower the lost.


"I am so blessed to have met Roberta Cykon, God brought us together, she saw my vision and our hearts were linked together, she has become a partner with (IB) to JH Ministries and I know that she is a mighty woman of faith and integrity with a powerful vision for all IB... "All for God's Glory!" I believe IB is a Christ centered platform to empower women to know who they are in Christ and to "Reflect God's Beauty" To love and serve others around them.. Jesus loves and heals.. I see this ministry as loving, serving and healing hearts... and reaching the world for Christ... Amen!"

- Janice Hollan

J.H. Ministries