Take heed in your dreams, they may be telling you something

by Roberta Cykon

On October 7, 2015 my biological father Arnold Edward Byers left this earth. I didn't know my biological father as well as I would have liked.

I always remember telling my mother, mom, when dad passes away, i have no clue how I am going to react. I would be surprised if I cried. Well I sure did cry! It was hard for me to believe that he was gone.

Earlier the same morning, I attended the Ohio Valley Legacy Award Banquet to receive my nomination award as Outstanding Senior Advocate Nominee. After the banquet was over, I got into my car and noticed my brother called and then my husband tried several times to contact me. I called my brother first and he did not respond.

I then called my husband and he told me that my brother has been trying to contact me. My husband explained to me that my father passed away about an hour ago. I started to get really upset because not only two days ago I had a dream about my father.

In 42 years, I have never dreamt about him. This dream was real. I was telling him I didn’t understand why he didn’t love me, etc. When I awoke from the dream, I said something is wrong and my father is going to be dying. On the way to the banquet, I said, my dad is dead. Two hours later, I got the phone call. I have been having a hard time processing this. We were not close; I think the dream is what made this hard for me and to know in my spirit that something did happen.

I believe that the dream was a gentle way to prepare me for the death of my father. Now that i look back, I am glad I was given the dream.

If you are having unusual dreams, what could your spirit be trying to warn you about? Listen and see if you are receiving answers or warnings to feelings or questions you seek or desire.

What has happened to you lately? Anything you need to pay closer attention too?


"I am truly in awe of the way God works! He has brought this organization of earth angels into my life when I need them most. I am convinced that it is HIS DIVINE PLAN that our paths have crossed at this very point in time. Angela Berrelli Howell, Sonja Elise Freeman and Roberta Michelle Cykon are the essence of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence. Angela and Sonja have encouraged me and Roberta has given me the opportunity to continue my pageant platform work of advocating for Lupus awareness through IBWOE. For this, I am eternally grateful and blessed. It is an honor and privilege to join with Roberta and all of the awe inspiring women of IBWOE in keeping the legacy and dream of Helen L. Albert alive by being living examples of God's love and light to others. We are all worthy and have something to offer. No matter who we are, where we come from or what our circumstance may be, we can always inspire and uplift one another through our actions and words of encouragement."

- Jennifer K. Haynes

IB Woman of Encouragement 2012