10 Beliefs of Unstoppable Leaders

by Elizabeth Mbata

What you believe is the most important thing about you.
Choose your beliefs carefully, they determine your destiny.
#1. Believe you matter. “It is not a question of ‘Will I make a difference?’ Rather, it’s ‘What difference will I make?’” (The Truth about Leadership , Kouzes/Posner)
#2. Distill problems and solutions to behaviors.
1. Deal with specificity. Vagaries are the enemy of successful leadership.
2. Vision that doesn’t find expression in observable action is worthless.
3. Define problems by the behaviors, or lack of behaviors, that cause them. A problem – defined in behavioral teams – is 50% solved.
4. Define solutions in terms of behaviors. What behaviors create desired outcomes?
5. Small, simple, observable behaviors exponentially exceed the value of unactionable big ideas.
#3. Strengths have corresponding weaknesses.
1. Great strengths are accompanied by great frailties. You aren’t great at everything. Your teammates aren’t either. Allow and accept weaknesses.
2. Self-development is the first development. There’s always room to grow.
3. Compensate for weaknesses. In order to compensate for weaknesses, you must acknowledge they exist.
#4. Action trumps talk.
1. Mistakes of action are better than mistakes of neglect.
2. Meetings that end without action plans are wasted time. Useful information always impacts action.
3. The three questions of leadership are:
What have you done?
What are you doing?
What will you do tomorrow.
#5. Leading is serving , nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Success is ultimately about the achievement of others.
#6. Get people doing what they love.
#7. Environments and relationships have trajectory. They always take us somewhere.
#8. Instability, uncertainty, resistance, and ambiguity are opportunity.
#9. Lasting impact requires persistent, unglamorous, sweaty endurance.
#10. Exponential success requires others. People, not programs, are the future.


"When I was first introduced to IB, Roberta showed me such a wonderful friendship I had not seen in a long time. We meet people from all walks of life, but do we ever really SEE them? Roberta has a dream, a dream of showing the world how special and beautiful a woman's heart can and will be through Jesus. She sees more than the broken parts which we often force our focus and encourages us as women to use our voice, which is strengthened by the trials in our life, to uplift others. I have been honored by the women I've met and the new friendships which have been made through IB. We are not perfect, we were once broken vessels that have healed, maybe still healing, but we strive to show the world that Jesus still is in control and He will always be constant in the lives of those who want His help, love and mercy! IB is one of those special programs which not only inspires but also honors women who are still up for fighting for what is right and Christ like in this dying world. I'm very proud to know Roberta and participate in her dream of Integrity Beauty!"

- Lady Kelley Bracken-Rainey

Director, World Universal Pageant