Attack, withdraw, or bless...

by Roberta Cykon

Attack, withdraw, or bless...

By Pastor Bobby Schuller

"But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you..."
- Luke 6:27

What happens when you feel wounded? Do you attack or do you withdraw? If you do one or both of these behaviors in response to your wound, it's very likely because you have bitterness and blame in your heart.

Do you feel bitter? Towards whom? Do you feel embittered towards people that love you? Let's move away from our bitter thoughts to become a person that can embrace gentleness and embrace a blessing. Let's become the kind of person that can bless those in our lives even when they hurt us.

That is something that is possible for believers. It's something that Jesus promises us because that's exactly what Jesus did for us. Even when we hurt him, he still loved, and continues to love and bless us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, when I am hurt by someone I want either to attack or to withdraw from that person. Instead, I will try to follow your lead, blessing and loving despite the hurt. Amen.

Reflection: When hurt, do you tend to attack or withdraw or both?


"I am truly in awe of the way God works! He has brought this organization of earth angels into my life when I need them most. I am convinced that it is HIS DIVINE PLAN that our paths have crossed at this very point in time. Angela Berrelli Howell, Sonja Elise Freeman and Roberta Michelle Cykon are the essence of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence. Angela and Sonja have encouraged me and Roberta has given me the opportunity to continue my pageant platform work of advocating for Lupus awareness through IBWOE. For this, I am eternally grateful and blessed. It is an honor and privilege to join with Roberta and all of the awe inspiring women of IBWOE in keeping the legacy and dream of Helen L. Albert alive by being living examples of God's love and light to others. We are all worthy and have something to offer. No matter who we are, where we come from or what our circumstance may be, we can always inspire and uplift one another through our actions and words of encouragement."

- Jennifer K. Haynes

IB Woman of Encouragement 2012