Forever in My Heart Gallery

The Forever In My Heart Gallery is a recognition gallery that gives any member or supporter of Integrity Beauty an opportunity to recognize their mentors who have been an inspiration to their life. Integrity Beauty strives to get our minds off of ourselves and put the focus on another. It is a continual circle of remembering someone else.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."

- Anonymous

Mrs. Jo Grisby

Mrs. Jo Grisby as FIMH Queen June 15, 2014

Helen L. Albert, In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Black, Ohio

Roberta Michelle Cykon, In Memory of Helen L. Albert, Ohio

Rochelle Richardson, In Memory of Betty L. Richardson, Ohio

Ms. Abilities America, In Memory of Autumn Massie, Oklahoma

Arethia Cowden, In Honor of Jo Grisby, Kansas

Elizabeth Reeve, In Honor of her service dog, Sassy, Oklahoma

Madonna Chism Pinkard in Memory of Mary Magdaline Smiley Chism, Ohio

Jennifer Kaye Haynes In Honor of Johnnie and Willie Haynes and Maurice and Melvin Conway, Louisiana

Sonja Elise Freeman In Memory of Dr. Ruby N.Hebert, New York

Sherrie Gearheart In Memory of my Grandmother Georgeann, Illinois

Elizabeth Mbata in Honor of Mr and Mrs Charles Mbata,, Kenya

Chavela Davis In Honor of Betty J. DaCons, Ohio

Danajah Coleman In Honor of Kathy White, Ohio

Maranda Helmick in Honor of Louise Geist, Ohio

Holly Mitchell In Memory of Veon Martin. Nevada

Renee Sayers in Honor of Kayla Sayers, Florida

Brooke SIngleton In Memory of Maggie Marie Brandenburg, Ohio

Lori Warr in Memory of Martha Hart, Pennsylvania

Vanessa King in Honor of Mary Flemmings, Ohio

Mary Kay Homchosky, In Honor of Charles J. Homchosky Jr, Ohio

Evelyne Joyce Rogers, In Honor of Donnie Carlos Rogers Sr, Ohio

Stayc Velarde, In Honor of Evelyn Bailey, Texas

Angela Howell, In Memory of Nicoletta J. Berrelli, Georgia

Dr. Bernard S. Shultz, In Honor of Louise Shultz, Ohio

Pastor Raymond E. Allen Jr, In Memory of Alma Jean Allen, Ohio

Anna Serrano, In Memory of Johnny Lopez, Ohio

Sarah Pace, In Honor of Linda Pace, Ohio

Jennifer Kilman, In Honor of Dr. James W. Kilman, Ohio

Jim Connoy, In Memory of Pam Brian, Florida

Dawn Rogers, In Memory of Marguerite Ferguson, Ohio

Sherry Stegall, In Honor of Edward and Lucinda Morrison, Ohio

Mersaydes Elizabeth Tessman, In Honor of Family and Friends, Nebraska

Beccy Tessman, In Honor of Family and Friends, Nebraska

Kelley Rainey, In Memory of L. Randall Rainey and Bob Bracken, South Carolina

Janice Hollan, In Memory of Frances Marion Lord, Virginia

Jennica Saddler, In Honor of Cheryl Beil, Ohio


"When I was first introduced to IB, Roberta showed me such a wonderful friendship I had not seen in a long time. We meet people from all walks of life, but do we ever really SEE them? Roberta has a dream, a dream of showing the world how special and beautiful a woman's heart can and will be through Jesus. She sees more than the broken parts which we often force our focus and encourages us as women to use our voice, which is strengthened by the trials in our life, to uplift others. I have been honored by the women I've met and the new friendships which have been made through IB. We are not perfect, we were once broken vessels that have healed, maybe still healing, but we strive to show the world that Jesus still is in control and He will always be constant in the lives of those who want His help, love and mercy! IB is one of those special programs which not only inspires but also honors women who are still up for fighting for what is right and Christ like in this dying world. I'm very proud to know Roberta and participate in her dream of Integrity Beauty!"

- Lady Kelley Bracken-Rainey

Director, World Universal Pageant