Integrity Beauty Elite Queen

This award is dedicated to the visionary of Integrity Beauty. This award will be forever recognized to this individual through the existence of Integrity Beauty.

"The greatest message that any person could preach is through the life a person lives"

- Pastor Raymond E. Allen Sr.

Helen L. Albert

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Black

Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence is dedicated to Helen L. Albert who became the first African American Registered Nurse in Trumbull County, Ohio in 1944. The Executive Director/Founder (Roberta Cykon) has made a promise to Ms. Albert that she would continue on Ms. Albert’s message of loving, caring and sharing, truth and justice for all mankind. Ms. Albert was the true “Integrity Beauty”.

Ms. Albert promoted peace, love and kindness to everyone she was around regardless of their race, creed or belief. Ms. Albert represented what are women doing to serve Jesus Christ, how can women make a difference and heal a hurting world. She was determined to change lives one person at a time. Ms. Albert was on a mission to do all she could to make a difference and heal the hearts and inspire the lives of those in need. The sash and crown that each woman wears are a representation of Ms. Albert's message.

Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence was created and formed the last months of Ms. Albert’s life. Ms. Helen L. Albert was presented the Elite Queen Award one month before she went home to be with Jesus. Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence was dedicated to Ms. Albert and her family at her home-going in September of 2009. Ms. Albert was the visionary of the Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence program and entrusts Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence program to continue on the legacy that Ms. Albert created.


"IB is a group who loves the Lord and isn't ashamed to express it. These women are inspiring, compassionate and most of all, ladies to whom you can go to with any problem you have and the prayers are going up! I've been greatly blessed to know the director, Roberta Cykon and to call her friend! Although I have been IB's Inspiring Woman, it is she who has inspired me to do more of God's work. It has been an honor to be part of such a fantastic group and I will always cherish those I've met through IB!"

- Lady Kelley Bracken-Rainey

IB Inspiring Woman 2011