Integrity Beauty International Woman of Excellence

Being Ms Integrity Beauty International Woman of Excellence is important to me. Our God is perfect and with His perfection I know I have excellent work to do with people all over the world. At times people go through tough times and storms of life that one may forget to recognize their purpose in life. We need to have a reminder that a teacher is always silent during a test. Just this thought, helps to keep me focused to transform lives and change the perception of the world. Excellence and being persistant to keep every move in alignment with God's word. My purpose is what I strive most to achieve, not only to be excellent but to have excellence with Christ's perfection.

"When one gives you coffee in life give them back coffee and not tea."

- Elizabeth Mbata

Elizabeth Mbata

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mbata

Elizabeth Mbata is 27 years old and is a native of Nairobi, Kenya and resides in Kisumu. Elizabeth has a certification in Business Administration. Elizabeth has a passion to work with women who have experienced various forms of abuse in life. She has a passion to reach out to women and help assist to transform their lives. Elizabeth loves to help make others smile. It is her goal to put a smile on every face that she comes across in life. Elizabeth's mission in life is to touch as many lives as she can and to be a blessing to others. Elizabeth believes that no matter what a person is going to come across, good or bad, they should love the experience, because it defines a person's character.

Elizabeth loves to encourage other's through self expression and creating powerful quotes that will help encourage others to move forward emotionally in life. Elizabeth has a passion to reach out to the poor, widows and orphans. Elizabeth has been active in province in Nyanza, Kenya in providing orphans with books, uniforms and she is a dedicated advocate for juvenile females to get an education.


"I met Roberta through a couple of my dear friends. She came into my life at the time I needed spiritual guidance and assurance that my life was worth while. She changed my life forever. I was her Ambassador, “Integrity Beauty Woman of Possibilities 2011″ The title was given to me because with her love and support I have learned that “With God, all things are possible”. I wanted to go out and share this specific message to others. And, I strive to make a difference with my own pageant system, Today’s American Woman by enriching women’s lives through teaching them to give back to others by volunteerism and sharing love and acceptance.

Roberta is always inspiring in her sweet words and her messages that she leaves for us. She is truly living Ms Alberts dream to share the words of loving, caring and sharing."

- Jera Lynn Anders