Woman of Ambition - 2015

Aretha Cowden

Hello, I am Arethia Cowden. I was born to Freddie and Jo Grisby September 10,1967 and I live in Wichita Kansas. I am a plus size woman who has the confidence to feel great in my own skin. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, friend and Business owner. I am the owner of SISTA BIG BONES CATERING. I have been in business since 2007 I am a down-home cook. I did not go to some fancy cooking school; my mom taught me. I remember sitting on the counter tops mixing bowls of homemade cake mixes, cornbread and just listening to mama tell me how to make dishes that made daddy know he was loved; which was everything mama cooked. I thought I was in the way but mama did not mind me watching and helping her stir things. I retained many of my cooking lessons and whenever I forget something, I call mama right today and ask her. I think my style is down-home cooking because that is what I was raised up on. Going out for fast food in our house was only on report card day or when mama wanted a break. It comes very natural to me to whip a recipe and have dinner ready for my family. Starting a catering business was a no brainer. One day my business is going be known all over the United States and then some. My Faith is not a local Faith it has no boundaries.

I have been involved in Plus Size Pageantry since 2003; the titles I held/hold are something that I hold very dear to my heart. Plus Size Pageantry is where size does not matter because the women competing are all plus size and I can be myself. I am so happy to be able to highlight my many talents such as singing, praise dancing and monologues.

I believe in the Lord and I am a Prayer Warrior. I attend Christian Faith Centre where I am under the leadership of Apostle Wade Moore, Jr.


"Bert’s mission is a beautiful one and I’ve been so proud to be part of her ministry. I was the IB Integrity Beauty Inspiring Woman, 2011. I couldn’t have found a better friend in Bert! She is always there whenever I need her! much love to you Roberta!!!!"

- Lady Kelley Bracken-Rainey