Woman of Strength - 2015

Vanessa King

Vanessa King is the Founder, President and Executive Director of Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC, which produces the Ubuntu Pageants International, the USA United Nation International Pageant and the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky Ms. Abilities America Pageants. She is also the President and Executive Director of the Ohio American Royal Miss Pageants, Inc. In these positions, she manages daily operations, recruiting of sponsors, delegates and volunteers, maintaining the pageant websites and organizing the pageant productions. She also competes in pageants and has won local, state and national titles.

Vanessa is one of the first recipients of the Jewel Award, presented by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Columbus Chapter and appeared in the 7th, 9th, and 10th Anniversary Editions of Who's Who in Black Columbus for her exemplary work in the community in the area of performing arts through her work in pageantry. She also appeared in the 11th Edition of Who’s Who in Black Columbus for being an entrepreneur, carving her way into the business of the city. Vanessa has also received recognition for community service from Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, Mayor Michael Coleman, Mayor of Columbus, and the Ohio Senate.

Vanessa is the 2014 Integrity Beauty Woman of Strength National Ambassador, enduring a year of struggling with health and other issues, including a near-death experience in January 2013. She is also a survivor of domestic violence and she wants to encourage others that they can survive anything if they trust and believe in God! Vanessa is also the 2014 Ms. Elite North America United Nation and has returned to the modeling industry, currently serving as a member of Angels of Avay, a modeling group based out of Youngstown, Ohio.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management from Oakland City University. She is a native of Columbus, Ohio and is the proud mother of Cassandra and grandmother of Austin.


"My life has been touched by Roberta. She came into my life just at the right time. Her love, honesty, caring nature has brought peace and happiness in my life. Her mission and dream for fits right into my lifestyle and truly enjoy helping other through life situations. Getting the word out that through God all things are possible, and there are people who want and help others. My gift of speaking to others has been one of my positive things to have accomplished for many years and truly have been blessed to continue to help others now and in the future. Prayer is powerful and truly helps many, love being able to oversee the Prayer Team and will continue as long as I can. I have truly been blessed through Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence and my friendship and working relationship with Roberta and the other team members to get the word out to help others."

- Angela Howell

Director of American Beauties Plus Pageant