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Helen Albert and Roberta Cykon

Helen L. Albert was a remarkable woman. Ms. Albert achieved her final lifetime goal of going home to be with Jesus on September 7, 2009. I believe that God smiled when she went home and said," Well Done thy good and faithful servant." When I am asked to describe her, I always use the word Infectious. The reason I say this, is because people cannot even cross her path and not have a part of her with them. Ms. Albert was the kind of individual that was anointed to help those who are in need and through her gentleness, kindness, wisdom and grace, she would guide and leave an ever-lasting impression in one's heart, which deepens your view of oneself and of others.

I met Ms. Albert in 2007 through the death of my grandmother. I made a promise to my grandmother that I would leave a legacy for her and continue to visit the patients at Washington Square Nursing Home. This is where my grandmother spent the last days of her life. A month before she passed, she asked me to continue to visit the patients at Washington because many were lonely and needed encouragement. I have kept my promise to my grandmother since the day she left my side in March of 2005.

One day as I was visiting at the nursing home, I was led to walk into the room that would change my life forever. Ms. Albert embraced my life and I have not been the same ever since. We both realized that we had a vision to help heal a hurting world through Jesus Christ. Though there was a fifty year age difference, we shared a bond which was to inspire all people who are in need, and to make a difference in hurting people's lives. We agreed that so many people just want to be loved, noticed and acknowledged for the good that they do.Through our deep discussions we realized that there always seems to be a way that negativity, hatred and excuses are always acknowledged and noticed more than the good that people do.

I was very blessed to have had the opportunity to be educated with wisdom from such a remarkable woman who was grateful of her heritage, life and the trials that she turned into testimonies. Ms. Albert lived a memorable and fulfilled life. In truth she lived a life that all of each person can achieve if they are willing to sacrifice, see the good in others and always be an Ambassador of Jesus Christ.

After several years of mentoring and friendship which grew Ms. Albert acknowledged to me that she believed that It was in my heart to serve others and I was bold enough to challenge individuals to truly look at their lives and the motives of their heart, and ask them what they are doing to make a difference, how are they contributing to heal this hurting world and how are they serving Christ?

Ms. Albert has instilled value that I never received as a young woman. She educated me to use the pain through my life’s walk and turn it into a purpose to mentor others who are lost in this world. Finally, I can talk about the past with out shame or guilt. I know that my sins will not defeat my life. I have been representing Ms. Albert’s message of loving, caring and sharing. Ms. Albert lived a life of excellence and did whatever she needed to make a difference for anyone regardless of their race, creed or belief. She has been an activist and well known in Trumbull County for the lives she helped and blessed. Just as my mentor Joyce Meyer states, I refuse to sit back and do nothing. Greater than any time in history we live in a world that is in need of help. People all over are hungry, not just hungry for food to feed the body, but also hungry to be told that they are worthy, loved, valuable and that their dreams, desires and their needs are important and are achievable. Be willing to put your faith in God, and bold enough to dedicate all that is required of you.

I am determined to do everything possible to make a difference as Ms. Albert's mission lives on.

"Love finds a way while indifference makes an excuse."

- Joyce Meyer

Ms. Albert was dedicated to do all that she could to be an example and leave a footprint to those around her. There is no possible way you can walk away and not be empowered by Ms. Albert’s passion for God and her love to see truth, justice and peace for all man kind.

Integrity Beauty was founded based on the principals and dedication of Ms. Albert. Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence is individuals who are serving others, making a difference and impacting and empowering a hurting world.

Integrity Beauty is about the beauty within your heart. In closing, ask your selves what can I do to leave a foot print of a remarkable woman who has given so much of herself and asked for so little in return? What can I do to continue leaving a legacy for a woman that is so incredibly powerful and has given so much unconditional love to so many? If you truly stop and ask God to give you the answer, I guarantee you will be shown in many of ways how to help those who want to be loved, valued and appreciated in life. Never stop being amazed, God will show you every day how much he loves you if you will use your five senses and listen. Today ask God what you can do to embrace those who are hurting. This world will not change with you sitting idle, get up and do something! You have no right to complain about what is happening, if you are not willing to take responsibility to create change.

"I am starting a Love Revolution and I am starting with myself."

- Joyce Meyer

Helen L. Albert is the true Integrity Beauty and because of her we are dedicated to continue on leaving a message that needs to be told and helping those who are hungry not just spiritually, but emotionally and physically in every way possible.

Ms. Albert we want to thank you, for all the lives you have embraced, and touched in so many different ways .You have brought so many to Jesus Christ through your passion and we want to help you continue healing the world that you were so dedicated to serve.

Roberta M. Cykon, Founder Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence,

In Memory of Helen L. Albert

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"Integrity Beauty is a beautiful program, led by a true woman of integrity who truly loves the Lord. We, at the Miss Christian International Organization, encourage Integrity Beauty and Roberta to keep this vision alive and pure. As we continue to pray for your strength and health always remember, Joshua 1:8. IB has and will continue to be an inspiration to many.We are so excited to be working with IB.

Much success and many blessings"

- Sable Butler

President/CEO, Miss Christian International