Lifetime Ambassador

Chavela Davis

In Honor of Betty J. Dacons

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work/Women’s Studies, her educational background along with an undying passion to help others lead Chavela to start her own foundation for women. She is currently working toward obtaining MBA with an emphasis of Leadership.

Chavela is the grand-daughter of Mother Betty J. DaCons, of whom she has named her foundation after. The Betty J. DaCons Foundation, Inc., has been in existence since 2011, and focuses on encouraging and empowering chemically dependent women. It is Chavela’s goal to have her own women’s center with the same name here in the Columbus area in the near future.

Chavela’s belief is that ministry does not always come from behind the pulpit, therefore, when the opportunity presented itself she jumped at the chance to assist with an empowering ministry. That ministry being Compassion’s International Ministry, which is a ministry that works with incarcerated women. This opened the door for Chavela to minister at The Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW), and states that the experience with the female prisoners was one she will never forget.

Chavela is sincerely humbled by this opportunity and does not take this for granted. She believes that this is her time to allow her light to ever so shine and allow God to use her mightily for the “Kindgdom” like never before.


"When I was first introduced to IB, Roberta showed me such a wonderful friendship I had not seen in a long time. We meet people from all walks of life, but do we ever really SEE them? Roberta has a dream, a dream of showing the world how special and beautiful a woman's heart can and will be through Jesus. She sees more than the broken parts which we often force our focus and encourages us as women to use our voice, which is strengthened by the trials in our life, to uplift others. I have been honored by the women I've met and the new friendships which have been made through IB. We are not perfect, we were once broken vessels that have healed, maybe still healing, but we strive to show the world that Jesus still is in control and He will always be constant in the lives of those who want His help, love and mercy! IB is one of those special programs which not only inspires but also honors women who are still up for fighting for what is right and Christ like in this dying world. I'm very proud to know Roberta and participate in her dream of Integrity Beauty!"

- Lady Kelley Bracken-Rainey

Director, World Universal Pageant